24/7 Road Assistance

Our mechanics will be available to serve you 24/7 to provide emergency assistance so you won’t be stranded or ever cheated by corner shop. Peace of mind when your loved once are stuck on the road. Don’t need cash or card in your pocket to get assistance when you need one.

Member to Member service

Buy and sell used certified car within RoadGuru members; never pay high price to brokers. RoadGuru will warranty the service history of the car for 6 month. This is an assurance provided by RoadGuru.

Complete Services

Be on time with regular maintenance services with RoadGuru “Whenever you want! Wherever you are!” app. Simple oil change to brake services will be performed at your convenient time. Schedule a service when you are at gym or shopping with family.

Certified Mechanics

Highly professional, certified, and trusted experts, technicians, and mechanics will be providing service to your car. You will be least worried about your vehicle and in considerably lower cost.

Affordable Pricing

Don’t pay high for the same services. Pay as use service, you don’t need to carry cash anymore to get your car repaired. All we need is your approval to provide service.

Support Guarantee

RoadGuru guarantee the work done at any location by any of our certified engineers. We believe safety first.

Why Choose Us?

We have enough reasons for you to choose our par excellence services.

24/7 Road Assistance

We provide our best assistance to your vehicle round the clock so that you don’t have to suffer due to your vehicular problems. We provide immediate on-road help, anywhere, anytime.

We Come to You!

Whether you are in the office or gym or at watching movie with the family. You can schedule a call and we will come to work on your car. Whether you are in the vehicle or not, we facilitate real-time location, speed, and direction tracking to you.

Affordable Pricing

We provide our best assistance to your vehicle round the clock so that you don’t have to suffer due to your vehicular problems. We provide immediate on-road help, anywhere, anytime.

Certified Mechanics

We have a number of certified experts, technicians, and mechanics that specialize in various on-road emergency and garage-type services. With them, you can be least worried about your vehicle and you can expect fine service deliverables quickly.


We understand that your vehicle is one of your prized possessions and you largely rely on it for your daily functioning. Our perfect emergency, on road services are available for you anytime,anywhere, so that you don't feel stranded on the roads.

Car Breakdown

Your vehicle can ditch you anytime while you are on the roads. But don’t fret! Just contact RoadGuru and we will be there in no time to provide roadside assistance so that you can continue your journey without worries.

Flat Tire

Flat tires are irritating and can occur even in the most unexpected situation. Get our 24/7 on-road tire puncture repair, tube replacement, and other tire-related solutions and enjoy worry-free driving.

No Fuel

Don’t break your back searching for a petrol pump or fuel station when you are running low on fuels and gas in your vehicle. Get on-demand fuel and gas from our technicians, anywhere, anytime.

Locked Car

Whether you lost your keys somewhere or locked yourself outside your vehicle with the keys inside, our on-road key lockout can get your car unlocked in no time with safety and zero damage.

Smoke from Car

In some cases, mostly during problems with your vehicle’s engine, you might see smoke emissions. Don’t panic in such a situation. Park your vehicle at a safe site and log on to RoadGuru. We will be there to rescue your vehicle and solve all the front or rear issues in your vehicle.

Battery Jumpstart

A low or dead battery can be annoying and can leave you helpless on the roads. We can help you to jumpstart your vehicle’s dead battery and also prevent the unseen vehicle breakdown caused due to the dead battery.

App Screen

All Screen lets you view/register and connect service providers.This app is free and has no restrictions.

Our Team

We are delighted to introduce the men behind the project who made RoadGuru possible. Each of their diverse contribution has made this project a success.

Team member image

Sanjay Amberkar

Chief Operating Officer
Garage owner for 25 years, honest and ethical mechanic.

Team member image

Amit Pawar

Director, Product development
Five years in iOS/Android technology application development. Has published many apps for consumers.

Team member image

Purushottam Zende

Director, Business process management
10 years in managing open source databases and develop API based webservices.

Team member image

Saurabh Galgate

Android app lead
Four years in development with Android technologies and integration with social media services.

Team member image

Vivek Sawant

Business partner
15 years in service industry and relationship management.

Team member image

Prabhat Kiran

Advisory Board, Digital Marketing Worked with nearly 20 startups and fast-growing companies.

Team member image

Shrikant Shitole

Shrikant Shitole, BE, MBA
Board of Director, Business advisor
30 years in strategic marketing and technology services in many foreign entities in India.

Team member image

Ajay Amberkar

Ajay Amberkar, MBA USA
Board of Director, Technology
25 years in strategic business and technology solutions to companies in USA.

30-second Installation to On-Road Services (App Info)

RoadGuru Mobile Application is your one-stop solution for all your vehicle concerns. It is a quick service when you are stuck on the roads and don’t know where to go!

You can easily install this application from your smartphone’s PlayStore in less than 30 seconds. Simply punch-in your personal information in our application and get started with it.

You can add or delete your vehicle’s information, family members and drivers, and payment information, upgrade address and personal details and do a lot more using our simplified mobile platform. What’s next? You are done with registration and are good to go!

Book regular maintenance services, repairs, denting, paint work and car cleaning services or book emergency services when you are in the middle of nowhere in easy steps. The Maintenance Service and Emergency Service allow you to select from a list of services and schedule/book a service in no time.

The Dashboard on RoadGuru can provide a quick glance of vehicle details and the services scheduled so that you remain on top of your vehicle maintenance with the help of reminders.

Our smart mobile platform also assists you with your vehicle’s car insurance and various car loans available.Not only this, RoadGuru locates your position and also provides information onnearby restaurants, ATMs, petrol pump, hospital, and police station. This means, with RoadGuru, you will never be lost while you are on the roads.

There’s a lot more to come.RoadGuru will be updated and upgraded in the coming weeks and months to provide even better services and features.

Have any question?

Do you have any questions? Please feel free to contact us and we will be more than happy to answer you. Frequently asked questions have answered below,

A primary member can register up to two additional family members and they can register under their own phone number. Family member enjoy the same benefits as primary member with valid driver licenses. The services can be paid using credit card registered under family plan.
RoadGuru will charge up to Rs. 500 for listing the car which includes the 20 point check and certified report that can be shared when any member see the listing. The fees will be charged when other member view the listing and send a request for more information.
Currently, we allow two cars free to register per primary member on RoadGuru. Additional cars can also register by paying an additional nominal charge.
Currently, there aren’t any such offers or provisions. In case there are any attractive discounts or offers in the future, we will communicate them via this website and on the RoadGuru mobile application.

Anything Else? Ask Question

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Become a Service Partner with RoadGuru

Make more money!

Who are the Partners?
If you own a Garage, Spare parts shop, Car Insurance Agent, Accident assessor you can partner with RoadGuru.

You are eligible to be partner; if

  • You have valid Driver license,Pan No and Adhaar card
  • Have valid business account with well known banks and accept digital transactions
  • File your taxes regularly
  • You can invest nominal amount to startup
  • Entrepreneurial attitude

Choose your schedule

Member to Member Services

You are the boss of your own. You can pickup the service calls based on your time and convenience.You must attend the call once you accept it. RoadGuru give importance to customer ratings on each contractors that work with our customers.

Close all the communication with customer and get payment settlement at the end of week.

Sign-on with the App

Download the app from google store.
We suggest you should have Android based 7” tablet with SMS feature for best use of app.

Silent features?
You will receive emergency service notifications within your region.

Never pay for parts up-front; just place an order under your name and we will take care of it when customer approve

Pickup scheduled calls from customers

RoadGuru Corporate Social Responsibility

RoadGuru believes in improving community health and life by offering our share with CSR. RoadGuru donate up to 5% of customer membership fees to non-profit organization Balodyan, Kolhapur for good cause to develop kids.RoadGuru engage in multiple projects with different organizations to improve education and sports for those who has talent but does not afford it.

Visit: www.balodyan.org

Balodyan is a residential hostel project governed by Vidyarthi Vikas Prabodhini for nomadic and orphaned children. This initiative was started in Jun 2009 and as on today total 45 children been enrolled. Now we are taking big step and planned to expand the Balodyan for 100 children, separate hostel for Orphan Girls, rehabilitation Center for Orphan Women, Old age Home, Technology based Knowledge and Learning Center for Educational and Social Activities.

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